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Our computer-mediated conversation framework is based on the observation that creating effective customer relationships in an always-on, omni-channel communications landscape cannot be reasonably achieved via campaign-focused, linear path-to-purchase marketing.

Rather, today's customer's journey is increasingly non-linear—marketers must tell a coherent story that resonates with each individual's unique attitudes, behaviors, environment and dispositions (both rational and emotional) regardless of where in the online or offline world the encounter takes place. Brands need their best sales, marketing and customer service thinking available whenever and wherever a potential or current customer may engage.

To develop meaningful relationships with people on non-linear journeys, targeting is only one front in the battle. It's not enough to aim for making sure a message gets in front of the right audience; successful interactions (i.e., touch points that drive desired consumer behaviors) must also achieve intimacy.

Intimacy, in this context, represents meaning. If relevance is finding the four pages within a 40-page manual that you might care about, intimacy is making sure those four pages mean to you what the writer meant for them to mean.

Relevance is about the right content; intimacy is about the right context.
Relevance is a filter; intimacy is a translator. Intimacy cares about comprehension of relevant content.
Relevance is about the topic; intimacy is about the message recipient.
Relevance provides illumination; intimacy offers inspiration.
Relevance is concerned with fit; intimacy is about connecting.

It's not enough to teach computers how to identify a potential customer; we have to teach them how to approach, attract and help customers buy, too.

Help people buy.

Per Miles Davis, "If you understood everything I said, you'd be me." Luckily, your customers don't have to be you to learn about, shop for and buy your wares.

However, leveraging computer-mediated conversation to ensure relevant, intimate experiences with your brand can help them understand and act faster.

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