Frustrated that Big Data, Machine Learning, and the like aren't moving your sales needle no matter how many algorithms you throw at your marketing efforts?

Data science is awesome, but it's only part of the equation. Relevance is essential—you don't want to waste time, effort and money on people who will never be your customers—but relevance doesn't drive behavior. Your content also has to appeal to each individual's unique mix of attitudes, perceptions, motivations, and barriers—which demands content that's robust enough to handle whoever you meet wherever you meet them.

We're tuzag. We've married behavioral science, one-to-one marketing technology and interactive storytelling to ensure you get the most out of every customer relationship. We're here to help you connect with customers the way you connect with people, rethink your approach to customer lifecycle optimization and transform your data and content to build better relationships and accelerate the customer behaviors that grow your business.

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Our consulting packages are designed to help you prepare your data and content for creating individually tailored messages across all your advertising, marketing, sales and customer service channels, as well as in-depth training in our 3-D Storytelling and behavior change acceleration methodologies.

  • Content/Data Audits
  • Content Architectures
  • Data Transformation Mapping
  • Customer Interaction Mapping
  • Conversation Flowcharts
  • Behavior Change Acceleration Methodology training
  • 3-D Storytelling training


Need a killer tailored program to drive sales, but don't have the bandwidth to pull it off? We provide comprehensive creative and technical services to ensure you get great results without having to do everything yourself. For nearly 30 years, we've built tailored conversation systems for clients in numerous industries. We can help you generate great results quickly.

  • Full-service tailored creative execution
  • Tailored message library maintenance, optimization and enhancement support services
  • Packaged application development
  • Tailored conversational chat application development
  • Data and content optimization services


If you'd prefer to build your own one-to-one marketing solutions, we offer licenses to our in-house computer-mediated conversation platform. The platform is designed for seamless integration into your existing marketing technology stack. We also offer training and integration support for building, testing, fielding and optimizing tailored communication programs built on our platform.

  • tuzagDesign (our tailored message library development environment)
  • tuzagTailor (our API-accessible, real-time tailoring engine)
  • Integration support
  • Training

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How can we help?

Whether you're looking to improve the relevance and rapport of a single touch point or develop an expert system for accelerating desired prospect and customer behaviors throughout their journeys, we're here to help.

We can make your one-to-one marketing programs completely turnkey, support your current team or provide SaaS access to our technology. The important thing is helping you get better results from your content and data investments!

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